Wine List

White Wines

CHARDONNAY RESERVE Butterscotch and vanilla flavors with a hint of lemon. Barrel aged (oaked) and limited to 40 cases.
GEWURZTRAMINER Aromatic, spicy, and full bodied with enticing fruit flavors.
MOSCATO Bursting with tropical fruit flavor, banana, and honey tones. Not too sweet.
RIESLING Off-dry and fruit forward with notes of pear, crisp apple, and honey. Made German Kabinett style.
SANDOWN’S FINEST NIAGARA 100% Niagara wine with grapes grown on-site. A bit dry with crisp acidity.
SAUVIGNON BLANC Dry and crisp with mineral and citrus tones. Finishes with a hint of pear and green apple.
SKINNY GUINEA PINOT GRIGIO Medium bodied with wonderful apple and caramel notes. One of our top selling whites.
SKINNY GUINEA WHITE 100% unoaked chardonnay with a mix of tropical fruit flavors and clean finish.
Z VINEYARDS LA CRESCENT Floral with citrus tones. Crispy and aromatic.

Fruit Wines

BLACK WIDOWZ A wonderful balance between sweet and tart. Notes of apples with a black currant finish.
CHERRIEZ A semi-dry wine made with sweet and tangy Bing cherries.
CRANBREEZ Off-dry with a tart flavor made from local MA grown cranberries.
MAPPLEZ Crafted with local heirloom apples and finished with NH maple syrup.
PAPA Z’S BLUEZ The best blueberry wine in New England! Try it and see.
PAPA Z’S BLUEZ RESERVE Aged in American White Oak barrels adding layers of complexity to our award-winning Papa Z’s BlueZ.
PEACHEZ Tastes like biting into a fresh peach. One of our top selling fruit wines!
PEARZ Light and fruity with caramel and white grape flavors on the finish. Made with NH grown pears.
PINEAPPLEZ Summer in a glass with a sweet and unique flavor. Full-bodied and fruity.
POM-Z-GRANITE Made with 100% pomegranate juice and high in antioxidants. Slightly tart.
RAZZBERRIEZ Sweet with a subtle tart undertone. Tastes just like a bowl of raspberries! A favorite seasonal specialty.
Z PLUM Produced every few years this wine is not too sweet and not too dry. Best served chilled.

Red Wines

ALICANTE Spice notes with a hint of cocoa and cinnamon, velvety tannins and a subtle tobacco finish.
CABERNET SAUVIGNON Medium body, fruit forward, and deliciously good.
CABERNET SAUVIGNON RESERVE Aged six months in American oak barrels for a bolder and more complex flavor.
CARMENERE Medium bodied with a spicy black pepper finish
DANCIN’ GUINEA MONTEPULCIANO An Italian classic! Full-bodied with a blast of cherry and dark fruits.
DAT’Z AMORE Spicy red with clove and nutmeg tones. Light and smooth.
MALBEC A robust wine with juicy berry, plum, and tobacco notes.
MARQUETTE 100% Zorvino grown grapes aged for over a year. Light and fruit forward with a soft finish.
MERLOT Award winning favorite with a current of ripe and elegant flavors.
MERLOT RESERVE Aged in American oak barrels for six months with wonderful cedar and fresh tobacco notes.
PINOT NOIR Earthy, full bodied, and dry. Made Burgundian style with cranberry tones.
PINOTAGE Full bodied with hints of tobacco. Made from South African grapes.
ROSÉ DI BRUNELLO Dry rosé made from select Brunello (Sangiovese) grapes with strawberry and sweet tobacco notes.
SKINNY GUINEA RED Our top selling Lambrusco and fan favorite! Excellent when served chilled.
SKINNY GUINEA SANGIOVESE Our version of a chianti. This best-selling red is light and fruity with notes of strawberry.
ST CROIX 100% Zorvino grown grapes and aged for over a year to produce a smooth finish. Slightly spicy.
SYRAH A bold red with tobacco, black licorice, and dark berry flavors.
TEMPRANILLO RESERVE Aged in oak barrels for nine months and bursting with black cherry and black currant flavor.
ZINFANDEL A juicy red wine that fills your mouth with notes of blackberry and raspberry.

Blends & Bubbles

BACCA Z Italian for berry, this blackberry blend is our #2 best-seller.
CRANZEENO Fruity white wine blended with fresh cranberries for a sweet and subtle flavor.
FRAGOLE Z Italian for strawberry, this sweet fruit blend is our #1 best-seller.
MANGO MAGNIFICO This blend of mango and Moscato is a delicious sweet treat for year-round enjoyment.
AMORE FRIZANTE A fantastic sparkling rosé that is sweet and sassy. That’s amore!
BLACK MAGIC An off-dry sparkling wine made with 100% black currants.

Dessert Wines

CHOCO BANANA Banana wine infused with milk chocolate and fortified to 18% alcohol.
CHOCO-STRAW Tastes just like a chocolate dipped strawberry. Yum!
GREAT NOR’EASTER An interesting blend of Zorvino grown red and white grapes fortified Port style.
MANGIA FICO Made from 100% organic figs with an exceptionally unique flavor.
JUMPIN’ JACK’S PUMPKIN Tastes just like pumpkin pie! Made with NH grown pumpkins and fortified to 18% alcohol.
MAPLE JACK PUMPKIN A fall favorite. Pumpkin wine infused with fresh NH maple syrup.
SINISTER JACK Our Jumpin’ Jack’s infused with Scorpion and Hot Lantern peppers for a spicy kick.

Z Wine Labs

Unique creations made in small batches and often released in specialty glass bottles. Available for a limited time only. Ask us about our current offerings!