Our Wine List

White Wines

Skinny Guinea White – 100% Unoaked Chardonnay. Tropical fruit flavors. Terrific with Asian food.

La Crescent – Made with 100% Zorvino grown grapes. Floral white wine with beautiful citrus tones & medium sweetness.

Sauvignon Blanc – Dry & crisp, with mineral & citrus notes. Excellent with salads.

Skinny Guinea Pinot Grigio – Medium dry, full bodied, top selling white wine. Great with fowl. 100% Late picked Chardonnay. Fruity & Unoaked. Terrific with Asian food. Bursting with fruit flavor & honey tones. Not overly sweet. Age worthy.

Chardonnay Reserve (Oaked) – Butterscotch & Vanilla with hints of Lemon. Barrel Aged in American Oak.

Riesling – Off dry but full of fruit. Made in German Kabinett style. Ideal with seafood.

Sandown’s Finest Niagara – Very grapey, fruity, grapes are grown in our own vineyards.

Skinny Guinea White – 100% Late picked Chardonnay. Fruity & Unoaked. Terrific with Asian food.

Moscato – Bursting with fruit flavor & honey tones. Not overly sweet. Age worthy.

Gewurztraminer – Spicy & full-bodied, enticing fruit flavors. Aromatic & floral.

La Crescent – 100% Zorvino grown. Good acidity, light & fruity…similar to a Riesling.

Fruit Wines*

Pearz – Light & fruity with crisp acidity. Made with NH grown Pears.

Peachez – Like eating fresh peaches. A perennial best seller.

Mapplez – Made with locally grown heirloom apples & finished with NH Maple Syrup!

Rhubarb – Classic taste of New England. A hint of Strawberry adds a touch of sweetness.

Z Plum* – Fruity but not too sweet. Our style is nothing like traditional Japanese plum wine.

Papa Z’s Bluez – The best Blueberry wine, period. Try it and see. Gold Medal Big E 2012

Pom-Z-Granite* – Slightly tart & high in antioxidants. Wine that’s good for you! Limited availability.

Cranbreez – Tart & high in antioxidants. Made with MA cranberries.

Cherriez* – Like fresh Bing cherries, made with Michigan fruit. Long finish.

Raspberriez* – A local favorite & seasonal specialty. Priced right for a full 750 ml bottle.

Red Wines

St Croix – NH’s best locally grown red. 100% Zorvino grapes. Sweet pipe tobacco tones & caramel with crisp acidity. Excellent food wine.

Pinot Noir – Medium bodied with nuances of fresh strawberry and raspberry with cedar and vanilla on the finish. Great with Pork Loin or Grilled Chicken.

Skinny Guinea Red – Our top selling Lambrusco. Great at room temperature or even good chilled!

Sangiovese – Best selling red. Medium bodied, light and supple. Perfect with pasta or pizza.

Dancing Guinea Datz Amore – Our special Baby Amarone. A superb blend, clove & nutmeg tones. Light & soft.

Alicante – Unique & full-bodied. Old vine grapes from Lodi. Cinnamon & vanilla tones.

Dancing Guinea Montepulciano – An Italian Classic! Blast of cherry & dark fruits, dry and full-bodied. Our best red ?

Merlot – Perennial favorite & multiple medal winner. Ripe and elegant.

Cabernet Sauvignon – A winner year in and year out. Medium body, fruit forward and just plain good.

Old Vine Zinfandel – Grapes from 100 yr old vines grown in Lodi, CA. Delicious & great with ribs.

Malbec – A favorite restaurant wine. Juicy berry, plum & tobacco notes. Robust.

Carmenere – Spicy with black pepper tones. Great with anything on the grille!

Marquette – Zorvino grown grapes. Smooth and soft medium bodied red.

Malbec Reserve – Barrel Aged In American Oak for 6 months. Bold & exciting with tobacco & plum notes!

Merlot Reserve – Barrel Aged In American Oak for 6 months. One of our new Premiere Wines!

Cabernet Reserve – Barrel Aged In American Oak for 6 months. One of our new Premiere Wines!

Sangiovese Reserve – Barrel Aged in American Oak for 6 months. Medium bodied, light and supple.

Syrah – Big, hearty & full bodied. Dark fruit, spicy & awesome with grilled meats.

Pinotage – Made with South African grapes. Full-bodied with tobacco & tar tones.

Tempranillo – The Spanish classic is now a NH Classic! Robust, dry & delicious! Aged in American Oak barrels for 6 months.


Cranzeeno – Sweet and subtle, light and fruity white wine blended with fresh cranberries.

Bacca Z – Bacca means Berry in Italian. This Blackberry blend is our # 2 bestseller.

Fragole Z – Fragole means Strawberry in Italian. Like drinking a fruit salad. Our # 1 bestseller.

Mango Magnifico – A new sweet treat for the Summer. A blend of Mango & Moscato….Bellissimo!

Dessert Wines

Jumping Jack’s Pumpkin Wine – Made with local NH pumpkins. Tastes like Pumpkin Pie.

Great Nor’Easter – Interesting blend of Zorvino grapes, white & red blend. Fortified in Port style.

ChocoStraw – Our own grapes blended with milk chocolate, a touch of strawberry & fortified to 18%. Wow!

Blizzard Ice Wine – Extremely limited, made once a year from a secret Zorvino grown grape blend.

Specialty / Limited Wines

Big & Beefy Tomato Wine – Grown at the winery & super for cooking or as a salad mixer. Great in Bloody Marys too!

Un-Beet-able Beet Wine – Earthy & slightly sweet. Made with 100% natural beets from J & F farms in Derry.

Sparkling Wines

Amore FriZante – A fantastic sparkling rose´. Sweet & sassy. Amore, amore, amore….

Z Wine Labz – Small Production & Extremely Limited

Applez Piez – Made with local heirloom apples & spiced just right.
Arancia Rossa – Made from 100% Blood Orange. Slightly tart.
Café Vino – Our delicious Cabernet Sauvignon infused with Dark Roast Coffee.
Choco Bananza – Ripe bananas with a chocolate infusion & fortified to 18% alcohol. Dessert in a glass !
Fiesta Picante – Pineapple wine infused with Scorpion Peppers ! Sold in Skull head bottles.
Forbidden Fruit – Made from 100% Black Currants, berries that are still illegal to grow in NH !
Hoppy Daze – Our Unoaked Chardonnay infused with Mosaic & Citra hops.
Key Lime Piez – Made with Key Limes & infused with graham cracker & marshmallow. A wine that delivers big time.
Peach Cobbler – Made with local NH Peaches and spiced with our secret blend.
Peanut Butter & Jelly – Our own NH grown Valiant grape wine infused with real peanut butter !
Respect Your Elders – A full bodied and slightly tart wine made from 100% Elderberries.
Sugar Plumz – Ripe plum wine, infused with holiday spices, fortified to 18% alcohol and sold in green or frosted Christmas tree bottles.
Triple Berry Blush – Blackberries, strawberries & cranberries blended together and vinified, then fortified to 18% alcohol & sold in heart shaped bottles.
Z Tea – Made with 100% Kiwis and infused with Green Tea. A healthy vino.

* Seasonal