Z Patio

Zorvino Patio 2020

The perfect place to enjoy some vino on a sunny day!

Our patio offers plenty of seating to sit, sip, and relax! Just a few steps away you can enjoy a game of bocce, explore the grounds, and take in the views of our lush vineyard, water features, and manmade pond. Our new patio has become a fan favorite so stop by and see what everyone is talking about!

Patio Reservations

Our patio is now open! Reservations are required for outdoor seating and tables are available for 1.5 hours for up to 6 guests.

If making a reservation for more than 6 guests or are interested in a group celebration please email reservations@zorvino.com first.

Please reserve your table online before arriving. If inclement weather arises and you would like to reschedule or you need to add guests to your table, please cancel your original reservation and re-book online.

Guest Maximums: Unfortunately we only have a limited number of tables for a maximum of 6 guests per table. Due to capacity restrictions we’re also not able to move chairs or combine tables.  If booking more than one table, our reservation software auto-assigns seating based on guest count and these tables may not be next to each other. 

Large Groups & Celebrations: Please email reservations@zorvino.com for more information, pricing, and availability.

Peak Times (Fri, Sat, Sun): Our patio is fully booked on weekends and we are very limited in our ability to move your table once you arrive and/or add additional guests after booking.

During peak times, please also be mindful of guests arriving for the next reservation scheduled for your table. All reservations are for a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes and although other tables might be empty on the patio, guests may be arriving shortly for a reservation. 

Late Arrivals: Due to the volume of bookings, reservations will be cancelled if party does not arrive within 15 minutes of reservation start time.

Weather: A majority of our patio seating include umbrellas but most tables are not under full coverage. All tables are outside and exposed to the elements rain or shine.

Outside Food & Alcohol: Please do not bring any outside food or alcohol. We have a great light bites menu available for patio dining or to-go orders and our winery has a range of wine flights, wine slushies, seltzers, and wine by the bottle to choose from.

Reservation Changes: Should your plans change or you’d like to add guests, please cancel your original reservation and re-book with your changes. Looking for a confirmation email to confirm or cancel your reservation? Check your junk folder, sometimes they get stuck there. If you need additional assistance please email us at reservations@zorvino.com.

Closing Early: Our patio will be closing early on some Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights for weddings. If you are unable to make a reservation on one of these days it may be due to the patio being fully booked or closed for an event. Please see below “Winery Extended Hours” for winery closings (patio may also be closed earlier than 5pm on these days).

Dogs: Yes! We are dog friendly. Dogs are allowed outside and we just ask that guests pick up after their pooches.

Please be kind. Our staff is doing their best to comfortably accommodate all our visitors while the community adjusts to new ways of working, dining, and shopping during these ever-changing times.

Patio Menu

Enjoy your summer nights at Zorvino just a little bit longer with our extended hours and new patio menu!

Fall Harvest Chicken Flatbread $12

Braised Free Range Chicken | Honey Roasted Root Vegetables | Hearty Tuscan Kale | Spiced Butternut & Parsnip Puree | Local Goat Cheese | Toasted Pumpkin Seed

Wine Flights & Wine Slush

We are no longer offering wine tastings, but have you tried one of our brand new wine flights?! Our wine flights include a range of options for everyone to enjoy and we also have wine slush and limited release hard seltzer available with flavors that rotate weekly.

Our winery stops serving 30 minutes before the patio closes but to-go bottle purchases are still available until closing.


Wine Slush
Bacca Z & PeacheZ

Hard Seltzer

Blueberry Peach & Blackberry Ginger

Winery Extended Hours

JUNE 1st TO OCTOBER 31 st 2020
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Open 11am – 8pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Open 11am – 8pm except for the days listed below