Wineries To Visit During Summer Sipping Season

By Gina | July 28, 2020

Great article by Bill Burke on all the beautiful local vineyards to share a seat with outdoors! Glad to be a part of this community and to see all our guests stopping in for wine flights and light bites on the patio.

It’s a warm Thursday afternoon and Jim Zanello is making the rounds on the patio (“Z Patio”) outside his Sandown winery. It’s a rare afternoon when you won’t find Zanello checking in on his guests, making sure they’re comfortable and very likely throwing in a joke or gentle ribbing for good measure. The embodiment of the Italian host, Zanello has created a comfortable, welcoming sanctuary in the middle of this quiet southern New Hampshire town.

“A big part of the charm here is the family,” Zorvino Wine Director Tom Zack says. “And that’s Jim. He’s out there again visiting everyone and he loves it….

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