Great Wine Starts in the Vineyard

What does it take to grow quality wine grapes in New Hampshire? A steadfast dedication and an intimate relationship with the vineyard and the land. Zorvino Vineyards believes in the benefits of small-scale agriculture, which allows us to ensure that every aspect of wine growing remains a hands-on process. Every decision from vine to pest management is weighed with a holistic mindset, and every action from pruning to harvest is performed by hand. Our winery staff and vineyard team are one in the same, guaranteeing that grape-growing and winemaking are always deeply intertwined. It is a commandment of the wine world – great wine starts in the vineyard, and it is this relationship that captures such a distinct taste of place.

Growing Grapes in Southern New Hampshire

Our first grapevines were planted in 2002 and our vineyard has slowly grown since, with the last plantings occurring in 2019. Now with two acres in production, we grow nine different varietals – Itasca, La Crescent, Niagara, Frontenac Gris, Frontenac, Marquette, Petite Pearl, St. Croix, and Valiant. Don’t recognize any of those varieties? That’s because growing grapes in New Hampshire presents extreme challenges that typical European varieties aren’t capable of tolerating. Severe winters, wet springs, and humid summers coupled with increasing seasonal variability presents stressors and disease pressures specific to our climate. Our cold-hardy American hybrids, largely developed by Minnesota viticulturists, have the natural resiliency to thrive with the right kind of care and attention. Properly managing our soils, prioritizing vine health and balance, and maximizing every opportunity in our short growing season, allows us to highlight the characteristics of quality fruit that lead to outstanding wine.